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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is focused on the procedures that are related to oral disease prevention.  In Dr. Cozzi’s office you will receive an oral evaluation that includes checking for early stages of periodontal disease, tooth decay, and soft tissue abnormalities related to oral cancer.  Our dental staff will also provide gum treatment care and education focused on prevention.  Our primary focus is to both educate and assist you in avoiding dental disease, as well as to stop oral disease progression as soon as possible.

Our preventive dentistry begins with prophylaxis. This is the technical term for cleaning your teeth and removing hardened plaque, which is also known as calculus or tartar.  You can expect to have your teeth and soft tissue (gums) thoroughly examined, which may include a radiographic evaluation (x-rays).  In the event that you have gum disease, Dr. Cozzi may prescribe you with medications or anti-inflammatory mouth rinses as a method of gum treatment.  These treatments will help in prevention of further dental problems and reduce the effects of oral disease.  During your exam Dr. Cozzi will also check for malocclusions, as an incorrect bite can lead to more serious problems in the future.

Other preventive measures performed in Dr. Cozzi’s office include the application of dental sealants and the use of fluoride treatments for children.  If a child patient shows signs of early onsets of oral disease, this can affect the growth of adult teeth and the formation of soft tissue, if left untreated.  Gum treatment at the first signs of oral disease, especially in the case of children, is much easier and less costly when detected in the early stages of gum disease.

Oral diseases are also related to lower self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as difficulties with speaking and eating.  Oral health is imperative in maintaining your overall physical and mental health.  Fortunately, preventive dentistry increases your overall sense of well-being.  Please call Dr. Cozzi’s office today to schedule your six month check-up and cleaning at 847-985-3433.

Cosmetic Bonding

Our office offers convenient cosmetic bonding, which is the process of applying a tooth-colored material to an existing tooth using a special light for hardening. This type of cosmetic bonding is used to correct or improve an existing tooth. Reasons you may require cosmetic bonding include improving discoloration, chipped or broken teeth, closure of gaps between teeth, alteration of tooth shape, repair of decayed teeth, and for protection of roots exposed by receding gums. The process of dental bonding is painless; anesthesia is unnecessary in many cases. After choosing a shade of bonding resin that matches our own teeth, Dr. Cozzi will sand your existing tooth to create a rough surface. Next, a conditioner is applied to prep the tooth for bonding. Once the tooth resin is shaped around your existing tooth, similar to the way clay is molded, a UV light is used to harden the resin. Dr. Cozzi completes the procedure by polishing your bonded tooth; you are ready to leave our office in approximately an hour. Cosmetic bonding is one of the most cost effective types of tooth repair. If you have any teeth with gaps, chips, or discolorations, cosmetic bonding may be your solution. Contact Dr. Cozzi’s office today at 847-985-3433 to schedule an appointment for cosmetic bonding.

Clear Braces

If you or a family member have suffered from improperly aligned teeth, but detest the idea of wearing metal braces, we can provide the latest technology of clear braces. Forgo the mouth-cutting metal wires, bleeding gums, and discoloration associated with metal braces. Even with daily care and maintenance of metal braces, you may experience problems associated with trapped food particles and the buildup of calculus in the crevices of the mouth gear. Clear braces are a hassle-free alternative to the traditional metal style of braces. Dr. Cozzi is certified in both Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Clear braces are invisible and made of custom-fitted aligners constructed from composite material. This advanced material is softer and less irritating to your gum tissue and the interior of your mouth in comparison to metal braces. Unlike wire braces, clear braces need to be removed from your mouth while eating. This allows you to practice perfect oral hygiene with brushing and flossing while maintaining the benefits of braces. Choose clear braces today so you can obtain straight and aligned teeth. Let Dr. Cozzi’s team of dental professionals assist you as you gain that perfect smile today using clear braces. Please contact Dr. Cozzi’s office today at 847-985-3433. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible so that you can start the process of getting fitted for your new clear braces.

Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers

Dr. Cozzi can improve the appearance of your smile in more ways than ever before, and without the unsightly tell-tale signs that you’ve had work completed on your teeth. Our three most common methods of improving the appearance of existing teeth are with the application of crowns, bridges, and veneers. Dental crowns, also known as caps, are used to completely restore the appearance of an existing tooth. We use crowns that are made from zirconia , composite, metal, or porcelain. Dr. Cozzi used dental crowns to give protection to a weakened tooth that has been broken or ground down. Our office also uses crowns for covering a tooth following a root canal procedure or to secure a dental bridge. We also utilize bridges, which are also known as a fixed partial denture, as a substitute for lost teeth. Materials that we use for making bridges include any combination of porcelain, gold, and alloys. When a bridge is used, a false tooth or teeth is held into the space using bridges that are attached to the surrounding teeth. A crown is added to the bridge so we can create a new tooth or set of teeth. Dr. Cozzi also provides dental veneers, which are shells that are made to cover the front side of the teeth. The two main types of veneers we use are made out of composite and porcelain. Typically, our veneers are applied to the front teeth for a cosmetic alteration to the color and/or shape of the existing tooth. If you have issues with excess space between teeth, or your teeth are misshaped due to chipping or wear, dental veneers are an optimal solution. For teeth that have become stained or discolored beyond repair, we can apply a veneer to your teeth for an instant solution for a brighter smile. If you are interested in the application of veneers, please call our office today at 847-985-3433 to set up an appointment with Dr. Cozzi.

Dentures, Partials, and Repairs


Dr. Cozzi’s office offers the services of fitting, fashioning, and repairing dentures.  Dentures are false teeth and surrounding gum tissue that are used to replace missing teeth.  We offer dentures in two forms: partial dentures and complete dentures.  Our partial dentures are used to replace teeth when not all of your teeth have been removed, while full dentures can only be used when all of your natural teeth are missing.

We create a set of complete dentures after taking an impression of your gum tissue.  In as few as three to four office visits, our team of dental professionals will have created your full, natural looking denture for your beautiful new smile.  Our partial dentures, also known as a removable bridge, consist of teeth that have been attached to an acrylic base the color of your gum tissue.  A metal frame holds the partial denture into your mouth using existing teeth as a support system.

After we have fitted you for your new set of partial or full dentures, you may need to have follow-up appointments with Dr. Cozzi to ensure the comfort of your denture and make any necessary adjustments.  You should never attempt to make any adjustments, such as bending the metal attachments, or you may risk weakening or breaking the metal framework.  Also, if you leave your dentures with an improper fit this will result in mouth sores and irritation of the gums.

Contact Dr. Cozzi today if you are interested in denture services.  In the case that your dentures have been chipped or cracked, please contact our office immediately at 847-985-3433 to schedule repairs.


Dental implants are beneficial to those patients who have undergone tooth loss, which is typically due to gingivitis or gum disease, physical injury, or tooth decay.  Implants are replacement tooth roots that are an innovative option to the traditional bridges and dentures.  Filling gaps from missing teeth in the gum line with dental implants allows you to have a secure foundation for permanent, as well as removable teeth.

Other long-term benefits of implants include an improved oral health.  Also implants are durable and can last for a lifetime if you maintain optimal oral health.  Tooth implants are not applicable in every situation; it depends on the amount of bone support at the implant site.  For those patients who receive dental implants, there is a 98 percent success rate given that the patients maintain proper care and regular dental checkups.

Give Dr. Cozzi’s office a call today to find out if you are an implant candidate.  Dr. Cozzi’s dental care professionals will be glad to help you as you go through the process of obtaining and maintaining your dental implants.

Nitrous Oxide Gas

One of the most common ways that Dr. Cozzi relieves patients of anxiety is nitrous oxide, which is also known as laughing gas.  The use of this odorless and colorless gas for dentistry allows the patients to undergo many procedures, such as tooth extraction and dental fillings, without the necessity of full general anesthesia.  Nitrous oxide gas relieves a patient’s anxiety levels and helps to calm them during the procedure.  For some situations we will combine nitrous oxide with analgesics and other sedatives to provide anxiety relief.

To use nitrous oxide our patients inhale the gas through a rubber mask.  Instantly they become more relaxed and sedated.  However, the feeling of the gas quickly wears off so that the patient is able to recover fully once the gas is removed.  Nitrous oxide sedation allows patients to resume normal activities almost immediately after its use.  For our patients who are anticipating an upcoming procedure, such as root canal therapy, impacted teeth, or tooth extraction, the application of nitrous oxide is one of the best ways to manage patient anxiety during the procedure.

Nitrous oxide is safe for both children and adults.  If you are concerned with experiencing anxiety or nervousness during a dental procedure on your next visit with Dr. Cozzi, please let us know and we will accommodate you.

Oral Surgery

There are a variety of dental conditions that require oral surgery ranging from impacted wisdom teeth to TMJ.  Most of these procedures are often completed within our office in a single visit and sometimes without any need for full general anesthesia.  The most common types of dental conditions we address include extractions, implants, and jaw related issues.

One of the most common situations we see that requires oral surgery is related to the wisdom teeth.  Wisdom teeth, which are also called third molars, are a common difficulty for our patients when these teeth are impacted.  This occurs when your teeth attempt to emerge from the gum but are trapped beneath from the lack of space along the gum line due to improper alignment.  Impacted wisdom teeth often lead to swelling and infection, which can destroy parts of your jaw bone.  The removal of your impacted wisdom teeth is advised and completed through oral surgery in our office.  You should be aware that other teeth including the cuspids and bicuspids can also become impacted and lead to the same circumstances.

We also encounter TMJ issues that require therapy.  TMJ problems can have many causes, some of which include poor occlusion and clenching/grinding of teeth.  The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located between the skull and lower jaw.  TMJ disorders can cause continual facial pain and reoccurring headaches.  TMJ therapy can be an effective option to correct this problem.  If you suffer from these conditions contact Dr. Cozzi at 847-985-3433 to schedule an appointment.

Root Canal

Root canal therapy is required when the pulp of a tooth has become infected or inflamed due to tooth decay, cracking, chipping, or physical trauma.  Leaving the infected pulp untreated ultimately results in an abscessed tooth and may lead to severe pain.  Abscesses cause damage to the jaw bone and gum tissue surrounding the tooth.  Symptoms of pulp inflammation or infection can be a sharp pain when your tooth comes in contact with cold or hot foods, a discoloration of the tooth, swelling, and tenderness of the gums.  The tooth in question may go through periods of no pain, while other times the tooth will be extremely sensitive.

Each tooth has one to four canals that run from the crown of the tooth down into the root of the tooth.  The pulp is the chamber of the root that contains the living tissue, blood vessels, and nerve endings.  An infection in the pup leads to injury of the roots.  If left untreated, the infection creates pockets of pus inside the mouth that can burst, allowing the infection to spread to other teeth.

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that involves the removal of the infected or inflamed tissue, so to stop the spread of infection and restore the health of the tooth.  We use this oral health remedy to save a problematic tooth.  While root canal therapy was once seen as a particularly painful procedure, advancement in technology and pain control have permitted patients to experience very little to no pain or discomfort during or following the procedure.  Please contact Dr. Cozzi’s office today at 847-985-3433 for more information on root canal treatment.

Sealants & Fluoride

SealantsPicturePreventative care is the most important facet of your oral hygiene as it is a practice that can allow you to avoid pain and costly procedures for years to come.  Sealants and fluoride are two types of preventative care used to decrease the occurrence of cavities and tooth decay.  In order to reduce the occurrence of future dental problems, dental sealants and application of fluoride varnish may be recommended.

These are liquid coatings that are applied and hardened to the chewing surfaces of the teeth.  The coatings aid in the prevention of cavities.  Covering the pits and grooves on the teeth helps to prevent the intrusion of bacteria and food particles that would otherwise be difficult to remove during regular brushing.  Typically, sealants are applied to the adult teeth, in particular the molars, of young children as a form of preventative care against tooth decay and cavities.

Fluoride treatment is highly regarded by the dental community.  This is a type of prevention against tooth decay as fluoride is a mineral that strengthens tooth enamel.  While fluoride is added to many public drinking water supplies, fluoride varnish is an ideal addition to protecting and maintaining tooth enamel.

Using preventative measures to help protect your teeth from further decay and cavities is the optimal way to prevent dental disease and toothaches in the future.  Start today by maintaining an ideal oral environment through regular brushing and flossing.  Then come in to see Dr. Cozzi who can protect your teeth even more with the use of sealants and fluoride for a healthy smile for years to come.  Please contact Dr. Cozzi’s office today at 847-985-3433 to schedule an appointment.

Soft Tissue Laser

The use of the dental laser is applicable to remove bacteria from root canals and in the removal of lesions via laser surgery.  Tooth whitening systems also use lasers to advance the process of teeth whitening agents as peroxide bleach is activated by laser energy.  One particular type of dental laser is the soft tissue laser.  This is a specialized type of laser that is most applicable to dental procedures.  A few of the most common applications of the soft tissue laser are used to remove lesions and reshape gum tissue.  Lasers work by sending a great amount of energy in the form of light into a very precise point.  For dental procedures, soft tissue lasers are used to cut or remove unhealthy tissue.

Dr. Cozzi is certified in soft tissue laser, so as his patient, you will be able to take advantage of the precision and application of lasers in his office with full confidence.  Contact his office today at 847-985-3433 for more information about the use of lasers for you upcoming dental procedures.

Tooth Colored Fillings

We offer tooth-colored fillings to repair teeth that have been cracked or decayed.  Our dental filling procedures are also used to remedy broken or chipped teeth that have lost their shape over time due to biting hard objects, such as ice or nails, or from grinding one’s teeth.  In these cases, we will replace the broken or decayed portions of tooth structure with a tooth colored filling.

We use the application of tooth-colored fillings as this innovative material is advantageous over traditional gold or silver amalgam fillings, which are unsightly and at times ineffective for patients who are allergic to the materials, and are commonly referred to as composite fillings.  Dr. Cozzi uses tooth fillings so the filling is closely matched to the natural shade of your tooth.  This application is ideal for filling teeth that are most visible, such as the front teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings are chemically bonded to the tooth, which provides your filled tooth with added support and increased protection.  Since we use composite fillings a smaller portion of the existing tooth is removed.  The bonded fillings seal to the existing tooth with less of a chance of coming unattached.

If you are interested in repairing your broken or chipped teeth, or have suffered from the effects of cavities, tooth colored fillings offer you a naturally appearing smile you’ll be proud to share.   Please contact Dr. Cozzi’s office today at 847-985-3433 to schedule an appointment for tooth-colored fillings.

Tooth Whitening

ToothWhiteningPictureOne of the most asked about procedures at our office is tooth whitening.  Tooth whitening is beneficial if you are interested in removing unsightly stains left from food, tobacco, and age.

If you want to improve your smile dramatically, or if you are dissatisfied with the results from home tooth whitening systems, please contact Dr. Cozzi’s office to schedule an appointment with a dental professional.  We use only those whitening agents that are safe and effective.

The whitening products used by Dr. Cozzi are highly effective and formulated using the most dynamic teeth whitening agents on the market.  We offer one visit in-office bleaching, as well as tray bleaching.

If you are interested in a dramatically brighter and whiter smile, contact Dr. Cozzi’s dental office to schedule your appointment today to see if tooth whitening is your smile solution.

Digital X-Rays

DigitalXraysPictureX-rays are painless and quick, and one of the best ways we have to get an overall image of your teeth.  X-rays are taken when necessary to aid in the detection of a specific dental problem.  Our use of digital x-rays is an innovative approach that uses a tiny sensor to transmit oral images to an in-office computer so they can be documented and saved.  Dental x-rays are used as a diagnostic aid as well as prior to some dental treatment.

We also use dental x-rays for detecting teeth that have not yet erupted, such as baby teeth or impacted teeth.  Dr. Cozzi uses digital x-rays to plan treatments including oral therapy, braces, and root canal surgery.  The placement of dental implants and fabrication of dentures also require x-rays to determine the level of bone loss present.  If you have any questions about the use of digital x-rays, please contact Dr. Cozzi’s office today at 847-985-3433 for more information.